Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Mommies don't get sick days..."

It was a rough night a few nights ago. Ella had decided she missed waking up at night, so she's reverted to waking me up several times this particular night. So, at 2 am when I woke up for now the third time, I thought the dizziness was because I was "just tired". But at 5 am (I've now woken up with Ella about 7 times), I realize I'm not just tired...I'm sick...I'm not even sure I can sit up my head hurts so bad and I'm sweating really bad. As I start to panic, I wake up my loving hubby. It dawns on me that I might actually have to ask for help. It's been 3 1/2 months and I've never asked anyone for help...after all, I'm super-mom (sarcasm)!! As Andrew gets the Tylenol and water, I start to think..."what does a mom do when she's sick?" I mean, I can't call-in sick like I would do for work. I can't tell Ella, "you know, mommy just can't help you today."

Luckily, this panic moment only lasted a moment as I remembered that I had several vaccines during my annual physical the day before. I wasn't really sick...I was just feeling that semi-flu like feeling you get after having vaccines. After two tylenol, two advil, and a bunch of water I was better within an hour. But all this got me wondering...what do mommies do when they get sick? I know the obvious answer, but once again realize that this really is the hardest job in the world. Makes me dread flu season for a whole new reason...


trying4two99 said...

In our house, when mommy doesn't feel well - daddy takes over. My husband is great with our son, so I know that Squiggles will be fed, bathed and go to bed at a decent hour. My house may not look like its been cleaned, but than again- it shouldn't matter as long as your kid is still alive! HOpe you feel better soon!

Mommy Belle said...

I hear ya! You have family in town, right? I think your family and friends will help if you ever get the flu. Of course, it isn't fun when you get sick with a miserable cold! And, they always seems to be ready to play when you feel your worst, but it does help to make you feel better. Annabelle was sick on her 1st birthday, and I was so upset because I thought none of us could really enjoy it. But, after I saw her smile and laugh with her first bites of cake, I felt so much better, and I forgot for a little while that I didn't feel so bad.

I think the worst part is when they first get sick with something contagious. First, you take care of them, and then you catch their miserable cold!

I am just thankful we haven't had a stomach virus go around yet. Hubby will definitely be on call if that happens!

Naturally, wouldn't you know that Annabelle gets her sickest (the first time she threw up too) this first week that hubby goes out of town on this extended shift! Oh well!