Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy needs a TIME OUT!!...and please pass the Tylenol...

Normally, I talk about how wonderful and fabulous motherhood is. Don't get me wrong, it is all those things...but I am over this week. She can't help it that she is sick...I mean, we should have seen this coming. On Sunday as we are dropping her off at the church nursery, I see him...yep, that snotty nosed sick kid who SHOULD NOT be in the nursery. Please parents...stop bringing your kids to the nursery when they are sick!! 
Sure enough, the croupy cough started which progressed to wheezing yesterday. The short story is that we took Ella to the ER and they pretty much concluded she is either asthmatic or has reactive airway disease. What does this mean? It means when my kid gets sick, it will go straight to those little lungs and she will wheeze and need breathing treatments and steroids. How does this affect you? It means if I see you dropping off a sick kid in the church nursery, I will very politely have to say something to you. 
As a result, Ella is now on her second day of oral steroids...which means she has turned into "evil child". I don't blame her. I know she can't help it. I know what it feels like when you are on steroids. Plus, she can't sleep because she is constantly coughing. Throw on top of that every 4 hour breathing treatments where she kicks, screams, etc...well, let's just say I need a time out and some Tylenol.
Dear Ella,
Ok, so it breaks my heart that you are sick. But can you please hurry up and get well?...mommy is getting gray hair after this week. 
Your mommy

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Mommy Belle said...

Bless her heart! But, seriously, bless yours more!!! Being the Mommy to a sick child is NOT fun.

And, AMEN to that! It also drives me crazy when we've gone to church, and the first thing I see is a snotty sick kid. Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is allergies or not, but when the funk is green, like you said, please keep your children home!

Maybe that is part of the reason that I keep saying we are going to start going to church more often and then change my mind during cold and flu season. Not a good excuse I know, but I cannot stand when Annabelle gets sick.

I hope she gets to feeling better really soon!