Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fun...

So, I have officially declared most Friday's from here on out as Mommy/Daughter (M/D) day. It will be a day of no cleaning. It will be a day that is all about enjoying my little angel...doing things that are all about her!  On this particular M/D day, we started out our morning at the park. We swung on the swings, we slid down the slides, we walked around the lake, and finished with a snack on a bench. Ella must have really enjoyed herself as she was sound asleep within 2 minutes of being in the car. After a 30 minute power nap, we shared a lunch at Chili's...I wish I had a picture of Ella eating corn off the cob. Where is the camera when you need it?
We finished our outing with a ride on the train in the mall. She had a good time, although I think next time we'll try out the carousel. At this point, we were getting close to nap time and Ella was in meltdown we made a dash for the car.
When Andrew got home, we decided to enjoy the little personal park we have...our backyard. Ella finally understands how to throw bread to the ducks. I wish I had a way of recording her little squeals of delight! SO, that is the conclusion of M/D day. It was so wonderful and I am glad that I have started this tradition for us. Andrew said he was jealous of the things we did. It makes me realize that I am so lucky to be at home most of the time with my little girl.
Sorry that I do not have any pictures from our day. I know it's shocking!! Me, without my camera?! 

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