Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a wonderful life...

It's a wonderful life has always been one of my favorite movies. I think we can all relate to George Bailey in some way or another. We've all had moments where we have contemplated our purpose here. What is God's big plan for us? How will people remember me? The older I get, I realize that I don't necessarily have to do BIG things in the eyes of the world in order to make an impact. Simply raising my child to become a responsible adult is a large task within itself. My purpose may never get any public recognition, but if it means I get to look at this little beauty every day, then I'd say God's purpose for me is awesome.

We took Ella to ride the Pink Pig at Macy's a few days ago. I remember several years ago being at Lenox Mall during the Christmas season when I was dealing with infertility and yearning so desperately to ride the pink pig with my future child. I wondered if I would ever have a child of my own to celebrate Christmas with. So, last Friday, as I was sitting in front of Ella and Andrew on the pink pig, I had so many emotions come over me. I watched in complete humbleness as Andrew pointed out all the decorations to Ella. Her face beaming with delight, I couldn't help but get teary eyed as I remembered how this was exactly what I prayed for several years ago. But, this wasn't a dream anymore. It is my reality. And despite all our suffering this year, I can't help but feel so richly blessed in the love and joy we receive by being Ella's parents.

I bought one of those cheesy souvenirs after we finished riding the pink pig. I bought it because I never want to forget that moment a few days ago...that moment where I realized it really is a wonderful life.

May you remember how richly blessed you are this season.



Jesse and Lacey said...

what a beautiful post, sarah. your family is just so precious. hope you all have a wonderful holiday together. love, lacey

Miss said...

Great pics! I love the Ella has the same one =)

but I LOVE the story..I don't know what the pink pig is, but I got choked up for you!!!

Playing Sublimely said...

I just love this nice to meet you! And since my eldest daughter is Ella Grace as well, I simply must become a follower of yours :)! Blessings to you!