Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The day I didn't get a pedicure...

May 5th, 2008 was a beautiful, sunny spring day. At 38 weeks pregnant, we'd already survived many weeks of bedrest...only to be asking ourselves "ok, so where is this little girl already?" So, knowing I was in my final days of "just me", I put on my brown skirt and red tank top with the cutest brown heels. I was ready to go get a pedicure after a quick check at the OBGYN...after all, I wanted to make sure that whenever I went into labor, I had pretty toes (I know, I'm weird like that!).
The short story is that there was no "quick" visit to the OBGYN. I strutted in there with a full face of makeup and my naked toes and here is how the conversation broke down:
Doctor: Sarah, you are 5 cm and the baby is very low. Aren't you having contractions?
Me: Oh, sure, I have a lot of them. But, I think they are just Braxton Hicks, I think.
Doctor: ...uh, what does "a lot" mean.
Me: ...I don't know, let me think about it.
Doctor: Ok, how many since you got here?
Me: Probably, less than 10 of them.
Doctor: (Wide Eyed)-Sarah, go to Labor and Delivery
Me: Right now? All my stuff is at home and I was going to get a quick pedicure.
Doctor: Do you want your water to break in the Target parking lot?
Me: I'm going...
So, I called the hubby to leave immediately (that was at 3pm). I got a room and hubby showed up at 4pm. I kept thinking, "this is easy, I don't need an epidural." At 5pm, I couldn't breath and finally understood what pain really meant. I called for my it at 5:50pm...and 6pm (yes, only ten minutes later), my doctor came in and said "your complete and ready to push". Of, course, I was thinking "Really? I only get ten minutes of relief?" The moral of that story is to get your epidural before you hit the transition stage!
I pushed for 50 minutes and realized why they call it labor. It truly is hard work. It was such an amazing and intensely spiritual experience. At 6:50pm, she made her grand appearance into the world. I'm not sure there are really words to describe how you feel when you become a mother for the first time. It is definitely an out of body experience. You almost don't even know what to feel. I spent the next 12 hours just staring at her....studying her and feeling unconfident in myself as a mother. And although you love your newborn child, that love grows so immensely as time goes by.
On May 5th 2008, I didn't get a pedicure, I got a much better that has lasted way longer just a few weeks. She has brought us a lifetime of daily gifts, treasures, and laughter. I think I'll just throw some polish in my purse before the twins come though...
Happy 2nd birthday to my precious and sweet Ella!

Dear Ella,
Although there will be other children to come into our lives, you, my love, will ALWAYS be mommies FIRST! You are special because you made me believe in God' miracles again. No other child will ever have the one on one time that we have had the past two years. Because we love you so much, and you have been such an amazing blessing, you've made us want to have more! How special you must be!!! May you always know, that when I think of motherhood, I will always remember our special times together when it was just me and you. It has been the best 2 years of my life. You complete me and your daddy. Happy Birthday!


J said...


I've been thinking about you and praying for you as you guys prepare for all these transitions! I hope you are feeling well!

Erin said...

What a beautiful story! Happy Birthday, Ella!

paula said...

ha! just love it.

Tabitha said...

What?!? I have been missing from the blogging world for a while, but I jumped back in and saw this crazy update...TWINS?!?! Email me! I need to know the detials of this blessing!! :)

Jenny H said...

Found you on Hillary's blog and wanted to stop and say hi! I am also a nurse and love photography! I'm only 2 states away!

Southern Gal said...

This is so beautiful. We're waiting on our first grandbaby to make her appearance. I'm told it's an experience like none other. The newborn pictures are amazing.