Monday, May 14, 2012

Madeline Themed Birthday Party!

This year, Ella requested a Madeline themed birthday party. She adores that cartoon (as do I) and of course the francophil in me was thrilled to throw a little Parisian soiree.

(Front door sign) In an Old House in Suwanee, that had a yellow door, lived a little girl, who was turning FOUR!
Playing pin the hat on Madeline. Andrew made this for us. Isn't he fabulous?
We read the book "Madeline's Rescue" and then played the game "find Genevive". The person who found the play dog in our house got to keep the book. The children loved this.
Fleur de Lis and Eiffel Tower Cheese (made with $1 cookie cutters I found online on Amazon)
The cupcakes themselves were something I made from a box, but the Madeline cupcake toppers were found on etsy. The seller no longer sells on etsy, but has her own website here.
jambon croissants
My sweet love on her 4th birthday!
I gave birth to this beauty!
My how things change in 4 short years!
Every birthday, we release balloons up to Heaven to tell God thank you for the years He has given us with our children. Each balloon represents one year (so, Ella got to release four this year). This is a very special moment between me and God because I continue to recognize that she is really only on loan to me. She belongs to God and has entrusted her life in our hands here on Earth. 

There is a really beautiful and touching story that Ella and I have about her balloons in Heaven. To read it, you can  hop on over to Seven Days of Grace by clicking here

She is my daily reminder that there still is good in this world.


Krista said...

What a fantastic idea!!! I may have to steal it in the future :). Looks like you had a great time!

Robin said...

Sweet party! Happy birthday Ella!!!

Robin said...

Sweet party! Happy birthday, Ella!!!

Kendra said...

What a fun party!! I've never seen that theme, and it's SO cute!! Very creative on the cookie cutter cheese!!!

She is such a beauty - just like her Momma!

Tabitha said...

So beautiful Sarah, and I just ADORE the baloon idea!! I may have missed it for Scarlett's first birthday, but I would love to start on her second!! Beautiful!!