Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This is how we ring in a new year

You'd think being only a half hour from Miami on New Years Eve we'd go out party hopping...but, we've never been quite that cool and much prefer to indulge our inner nerds on this much over rated day. And by indulging, I mean we were asleep before midnight...I even passed on the champagne this year.

In my opinion, we had the best party in town with a bunch of little monkeys running around. All on her own, she decided we needed a "dance" party. So, we played DJ and she and her cousin and siblings danced. We ate (a lot) and burned sparklers...and by 9pm we called it a night. That's my kind of party people.

And just to prove how wild and crazy I am, here are a few photos taken on New Years Eve from our trip to South Florida.

I know...wild mommy I tell ya!

He insisted on wearing his gold medal from his birthday with the can't argue with a two year old over these things. That and his completely botched haircut I gave him complete the New Years Eve attire.


Dancing started early at our party!

The night before New Years Eve, Andrew and I went out for a seafood dinner by ourselves. It's a rare treat to go out to dinner and even rarer to be alone. We indulged and both ordered a 1.5 lb. lobster. It was ridiculously good. I even put on a cute little black dress (and spanx...ahem) and heels...always happy to have an excuse to put on a pair of heels.

I have lots of pictures from our little vacation to see family in South Florida...perhaps I will post them before 2014 gets here. Ha! Stay tuned for some super precious photos of the kids on the beach!

Again, happy new year! Hope yours was as exciting as mine!!! Don't be jealous of my tiara and 2013 glasses!

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Melissa McCoy said...

I'm slightly jealous because our New Year's Eve was spent in below freezing weather...sooooo cold! Hope you have a great 2013!
The Real McCoy(s)