Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Laughter is the best medicine..."

So, there are little moments that I have as a mommy that make me think I must be doing something right. Those first few weeks of Ella's life, my self esteem was encouraged simply by her gaining weight. Those days where all she did was sleep, eat, and cry, I felt proud when I took Ella in for her weight checks and she finally started gaining weight. Those first few weeks were very stressful because the pediatrician made me feel so paranoid that she wasn't gaining weight. They labeled her a "slow gainer". And although I knew in my heart that breastfeeding was the best thing for her, I started to question myself. Thank goodness I had friends and a sister who kept encouraging me and saying "so long as she's pooping, peeing, and not losing weight...she's fine." After one month, I was so happy when she was back to her birth weight and rapidly gaining...I realized I must be doing something right and learned my first lesson in listening to my heart as a new mommy.

Then came that first know, the one where you go "is that just gas?" But, as I continued to sing to her, she just kept smiling. Again, despite the colic and screaming, I realized I must be doing something right. She still smiles when I sing to her...I'm sort of surprised my voice doesn't scare her, but she must like my off-pitch songs. Of course, compared to her daddy's singing, I sound like an angel!!

So, the last few days, Ella has started laughing. Not just a little "hehe", but that full belly laugh. Hearing her laugh is the best medicine for my soul! I completely understand now why parents say "As long as my child is happy, that makes me happy." This makes me look forward to the day when I can sit and watch her play outside...or chase after her as she runs around and enjoys herself. Anyway, she doesn't look like she's having any weight gain problems now...checkout those cheeks (and ignore the goofy bow...I was trying to do something different)!!

Ella, love, your laughter is contagious. I pray, that no matter what life throws at you, you always remember to laugh. I love you a thousand times!

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trying4two99 said...

Once again, you leave me speechless. She is still adorable. Wait until she tells you, mama, you really can't sing, but I still love you. lol I sing all the time only to see a goofy grin coming from a 9 year old! Can you believe that- 9!