Friday, April 15, 2011

Life according to Ella: Installment 1

I keep thinking I need to write down all these things that come out of Ella's mouth these days. Of course, I've been saying this for the past 6 months and have yet to start. So, I'm just going to start today and try to do this once a week. Ya'll, the girl is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!! Any car ride is sure to bring out a good laugh from her.

*Mommy, when I get older on Friday, I'm going to fly in an airplane and go to Grammie and Poppie's lake house in my swimsuit and get in the water. Wouldn't that be neat? Oh...wait. It's not summer yet. It's too cold to wear our swimsuits. Maybe on Sunday."
Sure, Ella. You know...when you get "older" one week from now. And yeah, I'm sure Sunday will be plenty of time for summer weather to make its way here.

*(Ella while reading the Bible) In the beginning God made Angelina Ballerina, the plants, a big spider, Marabelle, and all the things in WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!
(Marabelle is the name of Fancy Nancy's doll in that book series. Every doll in our house right now is named Marabelle.)

*(Ella's new song that she made up) "I like cucumbers, I like tomatoes, I like carr...uh...SOME carrots, and I LOVE mashed potatoes, I like babies, I like Jacob, I like broccoli, I like squash...(and it goes on and on until she runs out of ideas. But, she always starts it off with those first few things)

*Here mommy. It's okay. I'll hold your hand while you go poopie. It's not scary. You won't fall in. You want me to sing you a song while you go poopie? .......mommy!!! You did it! You get 2 M&M's!!

*Mommy, it makes me sad when you don't obey.

*Mommy, I LOOOOOVE God!!

And that, my friends, is life with an almost 3 year old.


Mrs. Mama said...

how adorable! I LOVE this idea! what a great way to remember these little moments... you'll look back one day and giggle at, and say... "remember that time when..."

ah. can't wait to do this with my daughter

Courtney said...

She is too funny! And can I just say that you are one hot mama in that picture at the top of your blog!!

Erin said...

Now THAT is funny!

Well, you never told us, did you let her sing her song while you went poopie? Did you?! :)

Yes, you've got to continue to write those down! It would be great material for a senior graduation celebration down the road.

Angela said...

Love it! I'm glad you didn't fall in! Sounds just like our house! But doesn't it just make your heart sing to hear her say she loves Jesus?!!! Precious!

Kristen said...

They are so funny at this age! I have twin 3 year olds and a 5 year old! Whata fun coffee and breakfast I had this morning with my new reading material...YOUR BLOG! Yay me! I found you via blog hopping an am happy I did :) Following now.