Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now's your chance

So, I'm seeing a trend on blogs lately where people ask random questions and then someone VLOG's later about it. I love this because you actually get to know more about the writer behind the words. I also love how you can put a more real face and voice with it as well. So, here is my dorky attempt at being cool and asking what do you want to know about me or my kids? Is this weird that I'm asking you to ask a question??

I know. Dorky, right? That's ok. Don't leave me hanging or I'll feel like even more of a dork.

Ask me anything and I'll do a video later in the week where you can meet the real me...

By "real", I mean me with makeup on and trying to look semi like I have some class...

Maybe if you're lucky I'll even throw in some Southern accent for your viewing pleasure! OK, ready, set, go. Ask away! What have you wanted to know about moi?

1 comment:

Robin said...

Cute video! Not a southern accent in there at all. I don't have one either despite growing up in Alabama. But I can pick it up lickedy split when I go home. Alright, so my question would be about the home downsizing and clean out. How's that coming? And was your decision to move closer to your husband's job the prime motivation for the clean out? Thanks!