Monday, July 30, 2012

Fourth of July (Catching Up)

We have had a rather full summer this year. I had thought it may still be difficult to do too many summer activities because of the children's ages, but we managed to fill our weeks with plenty of fun. And although I'm sure I appeared rather maniacal at times, I did manage to take all three of my little ones to the pool a couple times a week. I am pretty sure I earned my mommy badge this summer. We spent three mornings a week the entire month of June taking Ella to swim lessons. Since it is such an ordeal to get every one there, we would usually stay a couple more hours and play in the pool. By the end of the month, she was swimming under water and coming up for breaths (although I still would not call her a swimmer just yet). I don't think she is quite ready for the Olympics, but we still have another 6 weeks of the pool being open. 2016 Olympics perhaps?

We had a very traditional American fourth of July; we spent our time at the lake, grilling out hamburgers, and watching fireworks. The people across the lake put on a fabulous show every year, so we get to watch from the comfort of our own lawn. The twins were asleep and Ella only lasted about five minutes before she decided it was too loud for her.

Here are all the kids showing their American pride. I had big plans for a red, white, and blue picture of us all, but the little ones were uncooperative. Isn't that always what happens when you have a camera around your neck?

Little Miss Fourth of July
Proud to live in America and the freedom that we have!

And this is what happened when I told them we might have another 4 years of Obama...

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Cadie said...

Hahahaha!! That is hilarious! Glad to hear you are having a great summer. I'm incredibly impressed with your mama skills! I haven't been able to do the pool thing with just me yet, but maybe next summer :)