Thursday, June 28, 2012

The many faces of Audrey

Hi! Yes, I know I'm gorgeous. Just look into these perfect and innocent eyes. They could do no wrong.
What do you mean I'm in trouble? Don't you remember that God says children are a blessing? What about that song you sing about Jesus loving the little children?
If I act like I am going to cry, will I still get punished?
Ok, how about if I make a silly face? Does that change anything?

This little girl is almost indescribeable. She is the sweetest most loveable child, yet proving to be so incredibly naughty. Although I think Jacob tends to be the instigator, he at least is easily disciplined. He has a sensitive heart just like Ella. But Audrey...she is going to be my child who rather do what she wants and is ok with a consequence. We thought she was going to be our easy going, happy child. She is indeed both those things. But along with that easy going attitude is also an attitude of not caring if she is in trouble. For example, the other day I said "Audrey, if you do not get down from the table, I am going to spank you." Do you know what she did?  She took her hand, popped herself on the thigh and laughed (in other words, she spanked herself).

My friends, don't be fooled by that sweet face. She's a tricky one. She is a natural comedian. She is cute and she knows it.

But you know what? To get through everything she has in her short little life, you'd have to be both easy going and feisty all in one breath.

She is officially mobile...both a blessing and a bit of insanity for this mother. She is still going to physical and occupational therapy, however, we are going to be going less now that she is walking. She is being fitted for ankle braces to help give her a little more support and balance. She still has some low tone issues, but I don't know that it would be anything noticeable to someone who wasn't really an expert on such things (ie-a doctor or therapist). I am ridiculously proud of this girl. Do you know how excited mothers get when their child learns to walk? Well, when you have a child who has really is like watching Jesus walk on water. It's like seeing someone who has trained for the Olympics finally win their gold medal.

She and Jacob have also started speech therapy. Audrey has very quickly picked up sign language. Whatever the girl may struggle with physically, she makes up for in intellect. She is smart and funny and a hard worker. She is silly and witty. The speech therapist calls Audrey the comedian and Jacob the engineer. That describes the two of them exactly.

So while she challenges me daily with this new attitude of hers, I must say I am thankful God made her that way. I am thankful she stands up for herself (although, the hitting and pushing thing does need to stop). And I LOVE seeing my other two children help her when she falls or needs an extra hand. There is nothing like seeing her twin brother run up to her and hug her when she has fallen and is crying. And they may fight...but, they love each other so much.

It's just beautiful. And they are beautiful. And I am so blessed.

So, don't ever feel sorry for that little girl who maybe walks a little funny and wears braces on her feet. She is stronger than you know.

I love that little face.


Kim @ Kim and Mikey said...

Audrey is the true picture of courage, strength, determination and testament to how BIG our God is and how far reach His Gracy and Mercy goes.

Lauren said...

What a gorgeous little girl:)

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

What a beautiful post and she is certainly gorgeous! She's got such pretty blue eyes! Sarah, you sound like such a mom of patience and grace for all of your kids, particularly Audrey. God Bless You!

One of my best girlfriends in Canada had a little girl who also has low tone (hypotonia) so I sent her a link to your blog. Maybe she'll connect with you.

Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment today on my blog. It's great to hear from you!


Dancing Branflake said...

She is an inspiration, and so are you. Beautiful post.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

What an inspiration she is for all of us!