Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Humor Me

These kids of mine are beyond cute, no doubt. They are funny, charming, beautiful, and full of life. While I generally choose to only showcase the pretty photos, it is important for everyone to know that our life really looks more like this 99% of the time:

Someone hung their Barbies in the drain of my bathtub

This is what she usually does when I pull out my camera and ask her to smile pretty

How she fixes her hair most mornings...and then I have to battle her for 20 minutes to tone it down. She needs reminding that she is not Fancy Nancy.

T-shirts are my staple and someone has always taken their shoes off...and I'm always made to get on the playground with them. There is no sitting on the sides reading a book. I usually take a magazine with me to the park and always wonder why I bother. And it's not because I'm a "good mom"'s because they make me feel bad so I oblige to their requests.

This is real life. We only pretend we live in a fairytale:


Tabitha said...

Love :)

Hillary said...

I love all your real life pictures :). Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


Kendra said...

Haha yes I feel the same way about park play! I end up climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slide because of the guilt...not because I'm super mom!!

Brittney said...

Haha! Oh I loved seeing all your adorable pictures:) Your real life is beautiful!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

The barbies are hilarious. I have 2 boys so no barbies, just cars. Millions of them. And they are everywhere!!!

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