Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Snow

We usually get one or two decent snow days here in Atlanta during the winter season (along with the random flurries that don't really do anything except melt upon hitting the ground), but the past two winters have been much warmer than normal. Perhaps since we have an over abundance of snow in the 2010/2011 winter season, mother nature decided our Southern blood needed a break. We get a little crazy excited over a couple inches of snow here.

Anyway, we totally lucked up when we decided to take a little over night trip to visit some friends in Charlotte, North Carolina a couple weekends ago. We got the absolute perfect little dusting of snow to play in. It was just enough for the kids to run and play in. It makes me excited about one day teaching them to snow ski (who am I kidding...I'll be in ski school with them...I'm not the most graceful on the slopes, but I do love it!)

Here are a few pictures of our little snow angels!

Audrey-future child model
Ella-can you see the tiara on the front of her snow hat?

Jacob-right before he slipped down the hill and face planted in the snow completely enamored!

I know people up North probably hate the snow, but we are so thankful for it because it's such a rare treat for us. And no, none of the kids had gloves on. All we had were the cloth kind that got wet immediately, so they took them off. Obviously we are not well prepared for this type of weather.

Do you all love the snow as much as we do? I hope there are snow days in Heaven!


Amy said...

so much fun! love the joy on their faces!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Yay for snow days (especially when comes and goes quickly)!!!

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

Such precious pictures. Ella was not a fan of the two bursts of snow we have had this year. Hoping that will turn around next year though. My husband was devastated because he loves snow, skiing and snowboarding.

Nicole said...

I am up north and we have not gotten near enough snow!:) Glad you got to enjoy it!!

Brittney said...

I personally love the snow. We don't see it much up here, surprisingly! We just tend to get a lot of rain and the occasional sun:) Your children are beautiful - they seriously look like they could be models!!

Francesca Fine Jewelry said...

If there are snow days in heaven, I am flying down to the southern part of heaven where it will be tropical. I live in CT and hate snow.

la petite lulu said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love seeing kids reactions to snow :) I come from hot Australia so snow is still a real novelty for me too!