Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Twins-a newborn photo shoot; tips for taking pictures of newborns

I don't usually share photos I take of other peoples children on this blog, but these twin girls are just too sweet to not share. (And yes, I got permission from their momma first!)

I am by no means any Anne Geddes of Newborn photography, but I've learned a few things the past few years to be able to keep my creative side happy. I feel extremely honored when someone asks me to photograph their family. I wish I had more time and energy to really perfect my craft, but I always learn something every time I pick up my camera.

Here are a few tricks for photographing newborns. People who have experience with childrens photography will already know most of these things, but I thought I'd share them with those of you of who are either interested in learning more or simply wondering "how did she do that?"

1. Newborn photos should ideally be taken with the first 10 days of birth while they are still sleepy and all curled up. After ten days, they start having more alert time (aka-crying), baby acne sets in, and those little arms and legs don't want to stay curled up close to their body (like they were in the womb) any more.

2. Heating pad: NEVER lay a baby on a heating pad. But, I do use one to warm up my blankets right before I place the baby(ies) on them. Always check with your hand first to make sure the blanket isn't too hot to touch

3. White noise machine: It's loud inside the mommies womb and babies are very comforted by white noise. I typically take one with me to every newborn shoot.

4. Space Heater: Keeping babies warm is key to sleepy baby pictures. If it is a cooler month, I take a space heater with me (and I always wear a tank top...because I am going to be sweating by the end.

Oh, and those cute photos with babies propped up on their hands? That's actually a composite of several photos layered on top of each other. Hard and tricky...I have not gotten to this level quite yet.
Don't forget the greatest newborn accessory...the parents. They are especially wonderful when you have a newborn baby who is more alert or older and not as bendy anymore. It helps if the parents of the newborn look like Calvin Klein models like the picture below:

It's a rough life photographing beautiful people and their babies.


Anna @ IHOD said...

Such awesome tips! These photos are so beautiful. I have three friends expecting twins! Its giving me severe baby fever;) I can't imagine how sweet it is to photograph babes!

Laura Darling said...

Oh my goodness those little babies are adorable!