Friday, September 7, 2012

Olympic Themed Birthday Party-Audrey and Jacob turn TWO!

If you can't go to London for the Olympics, then the next best option is to just bring the Olympics to you. For the twins SECOND birthday, we had our own little Olympics complete with a bean bag toss and ring toss. There were gold medals for everyone.We had it up at my in-laws lake house with big plans for swimming events, boating events, etc. but, we kept it more low key. Of course, I still had little details to make us feel like we were there. See Audrey and Jacob's t-shirts below? (Audrey is wearing one with a little girl holding a UK flag/Union Jack Flag and Jacob has one with Olympic rings, Big Ben, and other London sites on it. I got these on sale at the Gap after the Olympics for a steal!)

Audrey and Jacob turn TWO!!

You would never know these two were born so early!

One of the cupcakes: little royal guards! So cute!

Bottom of those cupcakes

I got these bears on ebay for a steal! There was supposed to be Scottish Bagpiper and a Beefeater, but they didn't arrive in time. Aren't the Bobbie and Royal Guard Bear's from Harrod's so cute?

These were the second cupcakes; UK flag

And the best part: the cupcake toppers!! Big Ben, London Taxi, Royal Guard, and our favorite...the Double Decker bus!

Ella in her matching t-shirt giving her Uncle Ernie his first Gold Medal! Yes, we had "gold" medals. My brother wore his Swiss T-shirt. Way to have Olympic Spirit! Ella LOVES him. He's a pretty awesome uncle!

Our tradition of releasing balloons to heaven; two balloons for two years!

I wish I had some pictures of the rest of my family. I usually am better about that. It's hard to visit with people and take pictures. Sometimes I feel like I just have to put the camera down and enjoy the day. My dad has some more pictures on his camera.

Wasn't this such a neat party theme? I can't believe they are two. Maybe one of these days we can actually take them to Europe and show them all these cool places and things! I did see a really cool travel nurse position in London for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I tried to sell Andrew on the idea...let's just say he needs a bit more convincing. Can you imagine what a fun adventure??