Bucket List

1. Learn to speak French (and Spanish) fluently
2. Take Dance classes again (learn Ballet!)
3. Buy a pad-a-terre in Paris (or I would settle for a flat in London with frequent trips to Paris)
4. Go up in a Hot Air Balloon
5. Be a travel nurse in Europe
6. Plant a veggie garden
7. Pay for all 3 children to go to college so that they can start life with no debt
8. Learn to sail
9. Become a mother of 4 Be content with the 3 beautiful children God has given us
10. Write a children's book
11. Go to graduate school and get my Pediatric Nurse Practicioner from NYU
12. Snow ski down the Swiss Alps
13. Stay in on those water bungalows in Fiji
14. Ride on a cable car in San Fransisco
15. Stay at a spa in Tuscany
16. Read all of Jane Austen's novels
17. Take a train ride through Canada in the Autumn
18. Take Cruise through the Greek Isles
19. Read the Bible from cover to cover
20. Watch the ball drop in New York City one New Years Eve
21. And when I'm old and can't travel as well...finally get my first dog.

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Camille said...

Hi Sarah...just stopped by today and clicked through to this list...it's lovely. I especially appreciated the revised #9....it's amazing how the Lord works on our hearts, isn't it? Contentment is such a struggle...but, so freeing in its fleeting moments when it visits...don't you think? May the Lord bless you all in 2014. Hugs to you! Camille