Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Most Beautiful Story...

It's been a week full of emotions... a week full of unknowns. As a family, we have cried, laughed, broken down, and pulled each other up when the other was falling apart...but most importantly, we have found peace in the unknown.
In the middle of chaos, I heard the most beautiful story. It is so beautiful, I can barely write it without a tissue in hand. It goes something like this...
After the initial shock of being let go from his company wore off, Andrew actively started seeking a new job. We were shocked and blessed that he was able to get an interview on Thursday. When Andrew returned home on Thursday, he relayed to me the details of the interview. It was an hour and a half interview with your usual series of questions. Andrew showed off some work he has done in the past and finished by answering more questions. Here was the final question of the interview that I will relay in a script format:

Interviewer: "So, what brings you fulfillment?"
Andrew:  (Andrew pauses and thinks)..."Well do you mean professionally or personally?" with a smile.
Interviewer: Smiling back he says "Well...let's start with professionally."
Andrew: (blah, blah, some answer that I don't recall)
Interviewer: "Ok. Well, it seemed like you were thinking something else when I first asked that question. So what really brings you fulfillment in life?"
Andrew: He pauses and smiles.. "My daughter."

Dear Ella,
I had our whole future planned out. Within a moment, that was completely turned upside down. I realized I don't have it all planned out...but, God does have it planned out! And His plan is so much greater than our own...and He has given us each other...he has fulfilled our ultimate have you!


Mommy Belle said...

So sweet!!! That's one proud Daddy, isn't it? Those little girls just melt their Daddy's hearts, don't they?

Okay, so would you please stop making me cry with your blog this week? :)

Little Mommy said...

Oh my...but do you expect any less from such a wonderful husband and father? You truly are blessed from the Lord above girl!

Shelley and Barret said...

Just read the blog...praying for y'all as Andrew finds a job. Love you all!!