Monday, February 23, 2009

Life at the Beach: Part DEUX

Andrew and I have always had an appreciation for the arts. We love museums, concerts, the ballet, etc. So, when our "point and shoot" camera continued to disappoint us with mediocre photos, we decided to invest in a nice SLR Nikon. So, I have now discovered a new passion: being behind the lens! These aren't too bad for an amateur, eh? Is there a future photographer in the making here??? 

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Mommy Belle said...

Those are great shots! The digital SLR cameras can make all the difference in the world. However, I've still seen people with digital SLR's take horrible pictures, so there is definitely still an art to it.

After I started using our digital SLR, I became interested in photography as well. I have actually attempted to learn all of the functions of the camera. Not so good at it because there are many, but it is definitely very interesting.

Looks like you guys had a blast at the beach, and it looks like the weather was nice too!