Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still alive

I'm still alive. There has been no time for blogging. There hasn't even been time for cleaning house. I mean, I can't even remember to give the cat water...speaking of which, I wonder how long that bowl has been empty. Poor cat. You know it's been too busy when your less than 2 year old asks for chicken nuggets for lunch...meaning, we have been eating fast food too much. By too much, I mean that we ate it 4 times in the past three days. That just makes my stomach hurt even thinking about it. We have a once a week or less rule in this house.

Ella had surgery today (ear tubes). She did great. They pulled out the red carpet for Ella and me(she had it done where I work). I'm having surgery tomorrow. Prince charming is exhausted from a lot of late night meetings and taking care of all of us. I'm hoping this stress doesn't send his heart into a funky rhythm again. We just don't really have time for all of us to be under the weather...definitely no time for a pacemaker. I keep telling him if he'd stop eating so healthy and sleep less, his heart would be fine (sarcasm). Why is that it's always the healthy people that get weird health issues? I digress...

I don't usually ask, but can you pray for all of us? I don't mean to sound DRAMATIC, we just need some strength from God to get through all this. We certainly don't have anything life threatening going on...just way too much "stuff"...and we are TIRED! The good news is that Andrew's mom is flying in town for almost 2 weeks to help us out. Hallelujah! I'm sort of ashamed to have her see my disastrous house...but, we are in survival mode.

Ok. I'm hearing screams of bloody murder come from Ella's bedroom. HELP!

Little ole me

Dear Ella,
Do you still love me even though I let people pin you down to put you to sleep for surgery? And do you still love me even though I've made you ride around in the car WAY TOO much the past two weeks?
I promise life won't stay like this. You are such a trooper. You are my motivation to smile when things are too busy and hard!!
I love you a thousand times.


Courtney said...

Sending up lots of prayers for you and your sweet family!

Brooke's Insights to LIfe said...

You'll be in my prayers. And just to let you know, yes, Ella does still love you, in fact I'm pretty positive that the older she gets the more and more she'll grow to love you and appreciate the little things you do. (I know that's how I am with my mom)And I am certain that Ella will never stop loving you ;)

Miss said...

wait a sec....why are you having surgery?!

I will be praying for you guys! You have a lot going on!

J said...

Oh Sarah, Hang in there! I will be praying for all of you - for your surgery to go well, for Ella to continue to handle the tubes well, for your husband's health, and I'll thank God his mom is coming in to help. I wish we lived close...I'd come clean your house for you!

An older (as in, in her 70s) friend told me once when she was a young mom of four, the ENTIRE family got the flu. An older lady in her church showed up at their door early one morning (in the middle of them all being sick) and said, "God put you on my heart. I am here for the day. I am here to help. I'm going to start your laundry, clean your house, and leave you with a pot of soup. Now, let me in." Wow! What a blessing! Can you imagine? I wish I could do that for you!

Hang in there! May God encourage your heart and draw you up close to Himself. I pray He will be tender and gracious to you.