Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sometimes it feels like there is no catching up. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I work, the house is still not clean. And sometimes, you wake up to a beautiful sunny winter day and feel bummed that it is so beautiful outside, yet you are so behind on all the housework. Sometimes, you just have to put the broom down and leave the dirty clothes in the hamper...which is overflowing to the floor by the way. Sometimes if you don't just stop, you will miss out on lots of this:
Learning to row

You'd miss the excitement in your child's eye when they are so happy!
Sitting on the boat trailer. Doesn't everyone have a picture of their child doing this?

I mean, how often do you get to feed three beautiful white ducks in the middle of winter?
Or play soccer outside...
If I didn't take a break, I never would have realized how BIG she looks in her swing now. Are we really ready for a big kid swing set? When did that happen?
Sometimes you just HAVE TO let them help you paint...even if it was going to make a mess.

And just when I thought our day had already been full of so much fun, there had to be so some serious game of peek-a-boo to be played...

And some silly faces to be made...

And you might as well pull out the crayons and draw 500 pictures of flowers on about 30 pieces of construction paper.

And sometimes you have to read the 30 page book, instead of the 10 page book.
And at the end of the day, the sink is full of dishes. The princess was sound asleep. The hubby wants to know if I want to get in bed in watch a movie..."or else he's going to sleep". I look at that sink full of dishes and think about how even further away I am from ever having a clean house again. There is cat fur blowing through the house like tumbleweed. There is tomato sauce concreted to the breakfast table. I had to decide what was going to make me feel better...trying to catch up on some housework or just say "screw the housework".

It was a REALLY good movie.

Sometimes, you just have to live.

Dear Ella,
I'd rather spend the day playing outside with you, playing Barbies with you, and simply holding you than have clean clothes! You are always worth it. God loves a hard worker...but, He wants us to enjoy the blessings around us too. May you always take time to smell the roses...or feed the ducks!
I love you a thousand times,


Thea Nelson said...

Sarah, I loved this. I needed this today. With just my son I was all about this--"get down on the floor and play, the laundry can wait." But now with two I have slowly drifted away from the simplicity of just soaking up our days. I am telling you, I really needed to read this post today. Thanks so much.

And I too can't wait for your "Day Before You" day!! We'll rejoice over it together one day. Hopefully soon! I also love that we have Aila Grace and Ella Grace, born just a few months apart. :)

Blessings, Sarah.

Jess said...

Beautiful! My house is a DISASTER. People are in and out all day to visit my husband, and yet - for the first time - I could care less about what the house looks like. And, I don't think anyone else cares. When he's gone, I won't remember how clean the house was while he was dying - but I will remember the time we spent together, because that'sw hat is important!

Miss said...

again and again Agreed

Courtney said...

So sweet! I'm praying for you!!!

Little Mommy said...

Because we played outside this morning before nap and had a great morning, my kitchen too, is a mess along with 3 loads of laundry, and dog hair like tumbleweeds! But like you say, I have cherished every minute today and will do it when he wakes up from his nap this afternoon too!!! Soooo I should be cleaning while he's sleeping instead of catching up on my blogs!!!
Love you!

amy said...

I so know what you mean. I wish a mess did not bother me so, I am working through it though.