Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday

It just feels wrong to skip church on Easter Sunday, but I told Andrew if I couldn't sleep in that morning (I haven't been sleeping good at night) I thought I might die! And since all of my side of the family was coming over for the afternoon, I desperately needed to rest up. I think God understood. Thank goodness He does not base his love for me off of whether or not I make it to church every Sunday. And since Sunday is the day of rest, surely God approved of me giving my body much needed rest...can you tell I have guilt! Anyway, enough about that.
So we ate and ate. We hunted more eggs. We dyed eggs. We painted eggs. We even ate some eggs! And what's Easter Sunday without breaking out the baby pool?...I know! This crazy weather!

That's Ella with her cousin, Emma. When they are together we can't keep their names straight. I am sure there will be some trouble making stories to come from these two girls in the future.

I mean, really. There was no way I was going to let her use dye and keep her clothes on! That would just be asking for trouble.

Yes, we do have a small lake in our backyard. And yes, it is fabulous! It is why we bought this fixer upper that we have spent 5 years renovating. It will be PAINFULLY sad to sell it...yes, we are going to sell probably very soon. But, more on that in a later post.
It is fun seeing how much more Ella understands about certain traditions, like egg hunting, that she didn't get at all last year. I can't believe my baby will be 2 years old in about 3 weeks!

Dear Ella,
In you Easter basket this year, you got the DVD Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and a chocolate bunny. Naturally, you were most excited about the chocolate. You are your my child! You loved hunting eggs! You did it with such a serious attitude. You also had to stop and eat the candy before proceeding on to finding another egg. But the dying of eggs...well, next year that will be an outdoor activity.
Love you 1000 times!


Courtney said...

Sooo cute! She is such a little doll!

New Every Morning said...

SO adorable!
Love her green dress!

Little Mommy said...

OK so I looooove the pigtails and green dress! how stinkin' cute! I also love you caught her trying to drink from the hose!!! I can't believe she is about to be 2!!!

paula said...

how cute. We don't go to church on Easter day either. I did go sat night though. too hard with the crowds and 2 kiddos when my husband is a pastor and has to work.

Dallas Shaw said...