Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ella's Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza!

It's become an annual event at our house. Ok, so it's only the second year we've done it, but that's because we didn't have a little tyke of our own before that. We lucked out again this year with great weather. We had our Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter and boy, it was hot! We went straight from winter to summer in one week. This mama isn't ready for shorts season yet...but, I digress...

My little love with her huge Easter basket

little Gabby all clad in purple

Cari-one of the most beautiful toddlers I know (besides my Ella)

Myles and Kennedy-the twins

little man Carter

After all the egg hunting was done (which lasted about ten minutes!!), we grazed on snacks and juice boxes.
Annabelle counting her eggs

Miss Olivia-who was more interested in playing than finding eggs.

the youngest hunter-Chad-he was probably thinking "Oh you all just wait until next year when I can walk!"

And of course, what's an Easter Egg Hunt without free boat rides...only at our house! Hey, we have to have some way to bribe people to come hang out with us. Apparently all it takes is candy and boat rides! I seriously think next year I'm going to bribe Andrew into wearing a bunny costume!


J said...

How much fun was that!? And y'all live on a lake? How awesome! Ella is so beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Looks like a great time - love all the pics!