Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mic Check

I seriously need to do a mic check...testing 1-2-3...hello?


You would think with 3 adorable kiddos I would be posting a million pictures a day, right? And you would think since it was the holidays that I would have some good material to write, right?

Well, I do and I do. The issue is that I have 3 hungry mouths to feed and lots of little socks to wash. I have baby dolls to dress, train tracks to put together, and paper dolls that need dressing. I have 30 fingers nails and 30 toe nails, not including my own, that need trimming.

So, I have lots of neat and hopefully inspiring things to talk about and LOTS of fabulous photos. And a few of you asked about photography stuff and that has gotten me REALLY excited about some future posts!

But, once again, it is really late...and the babes will be calling my name many times tonight to fill their little tummies. But, I know you all will stick with me and understand if my posts are brief right are awesome like that!

So, for now, I leave you with one simple photo....because what's a post without a picture of one of my little loves?!

While some may think having a two year old AND twin babies is crazy, but I am telling you that this little girl keeps me laughing and smiling...except when she yells at me and tells me that I'm not allowed in her princess tent. *sigh*

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I'm still working on my Christmas cards...


Hillary said...

Hi Sarah, I just ventured over to check out your blog. Too cute and I love the picture!

Mary Beth said...

LOVE that picture! adorable!

Robin said...

Sweet picture! And we're here...whenever you can post! God bless and Happy New Year!


what an adorable peacoat she has on!!

great blog,

Annina of