Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The summary of my life...

While sitting here snuggling with Jacob (because it would be wishful thinking that all 3 kids would be sleeping at the same time) in bed, I was looking at my disaster of a nightstand and thinking how badly I needed to clean it off.

But, then I decided that it was way too cold to put down my little snuggle buddy. However, I got a good laugh at the actual items on my nightstand. After proper examination, I decided you could tell a lot about a person by looking on (or in) their nightstand. Here is what is currently on pretty much sums up my life right now:

1. A pink pacifier
2. A cold cup of coffee that I never got to finish this morning
3. two bottles of freshly pumped breast milk
4. a tub of lysol wipes
5. a face mask (that hooks up to our nebulizer)
6. A Norah Jones c.d.
7. A how-to speak French phrase book (to feed my intellectual side-I've been teaching Ella some words!! It's hysterical hearing her say Bonjour!)
8. Fancy Nancy Book (mine and Ella's new favorite book-we like to read while I feed the babies)
9. Blistex
10. A t-shirt covered in spit-up that I pulled off in the middle of the night
11. an address book
12. A devotion book by Joyce Meyer
13. a pad of paper and pen
14. A bottle of nail polish
15. my cell phone
16. my ipod
17. my credit card bill that is due in three days that I forgot to stick in the mail again.
18. a hair clip
19. A victorias secret coupon-(Ha!.. like I'll be buying anything from there anytime in the near future. Gotta love their free undies coupons though!)
20. And lastly, a photography magazine

And the usual lamp and alarm clock. Seriously, those are all sitting on top of my nightstand!! I wonder what that says about me? Probably just that I've become a disorganized slob since having the twins!

On a serious note, Audrey continues to sound better and better each morning. She was still coughing a good bit up until this morning. I think I've only heard her cough once today. It is amazing how quickly kids can go downhill, yet how quickly they can bounce back.

Jacob has been doing well since his surgery. Ella has an appointment tomorrow with the ENT and I'm praying she doesn't need another set of tubes. The pediatrician thinks her right one is plugged and she has been pulling at it a lot.

If I have to schedule in another surgery, I might need to get an assistant to help me keep up with everyones appointments. Geez!

It's alright. I have it all under control...just look at my nightstand!


Amber said...

hahahaha you are so cute and such and inspiration!

Glad she is doing better.

Wanting What I Have said...

Reading this made me smile...BIG! You're doing a great job - pumping, caring for two newborns, twins, at that! And reading to Ella WHILE nursing - that takes skill. Be encouraged. You are amazing.

Btw, if you ever catch a few seconds, would you consider sharing some info on your photography knowledge. You take gorgeous pics. I'd love to glean from your fields of wisdom and experience. :)

Mommy Belle said...

Your nightstand is definitely a true picture of motherhood! Thank you for reminding me that these messes are things to be thankful for. I struggle with being thankful for the constant mess on a daily basis...and I've only got the two! :) I'm so glad that Audrey is feeling better!

I second "wanting what I have"'s comment on your photography knowledge! Any photography courses you'd recommend? Your pictures are always gorgeous!

A.E. said...

I just love your blog and enjoy reading about your precious babies. Merry, merry Christmas to you!

Kim @ Kim and Mikey said...

I am so happy to hear that Audrey is doing better. I will be praying that Ella does not need another set of tubes.

And in case I do not make it back to your blog, I wish you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas