Monday, March 21, 2011

Dreaming of Blue skies

We just got back from the most wonderful family vacation. We are blessed to have family who lives down in South Florida...we get a free beach vacation a couple times a year and family time all in one trip. Plus, there is nothing better than Andrew's mother's cooking. Yummy!

We stopped half way through our 12 hour trip to visit my 91 year old grandfather and grandmother in the north part of Florida for a few days. It is always such a blessing to spend time with them. Ella enjoyed two days of running around my grandparents fruit tree haven and playing with their baby ducks.

After that, we spent 5 glorious days in 80 degree perfect, breezy, not a cloud in the sky, south Florida. Here are just a few pictures of Ella on her first day at the beach. She definitely looks like a Florida girl with that wind blown blonde hair!

On the eve of our final day there, Jacob decided to get sick. Better the end of the trip than the beginning, I suppose. When we got back, I took him to an urgent care place and they gave him breathing treatments for the wheezing. He still is pretty sick, but as with all viruses, all we can do is keep treating the wheezing and fever until the virus has run its course. Poor little guy!

I can't wait to work on all the photos I took. I didn't take tons and tons like I usually do, but I got enough to at least commemorate our lovely week away. After a week of lobster, swordfish, filet mignon and blue skies, it felt like we were on a cruise! But, it is always great to come home and sleep in my own bed. But these gray Atlanta skies have me missing the Florida sunshine!


Robin said...


Cadie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Your little girl is such a cutie! It looks like she had no complaints about being barefoot on the beach!!

Erin said...

Gray skies in Atlanta? So sorry. It's mighty sunshiny in SC today (not trying to rub it in, I promise).

Hope your little man feels better soon!

My little man has begun his wheezing from allergies this time.

Shawn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Beautiful pictures!

Brooke said...

Gray skies in Atlanta? Try Northern Indiana!- I'd love to be in Atlanta! ;) Beautiful pictures!

Elsabeth said...

Your pictures are just gorgeous!

I hope your son is feeling better!

Tabitha said...

Those picturs are lovely...they make me long for sunny skys, the beach, and precious babies!!