Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One year ago

Everyone says that the days are long, but the years are short. How true that is indeed! One year ago, our little Ella was just becoming quite the toddler. Not quite 2 years, she was still walking around with the silly paci and sporting just enough hair to pull into pig tails...which she would, of course, immediately rip out once out of my vision for one moment.
Ella-March 2010
She was a temper tantrum throwing little spit fire who was for sure testing me to see who was boss. We enjoyed every hard minute with her, but boy did she ever show us her passionate personality!

Ella-March 2010
But, now, that barely talking 22 month old, is now almost 3! And we are seeing the fruits of our labor. Parents, do not be discouraged if you have a strong willed little one. They are such a blessing. So full of personality and passion for life...strong willed children also LOVE very deeply and as passionately as they show the other emotions. Would you just look at this gorgeous little lady she has become over the past year?


Stunning, right? I mean she has the most GORGEOUS long, blonde hair and BIG blue eyes to go with that big personality...that I have just learned to finally embrace and love so much! 

I would not change her one little bit. She is my first...my guinea pig in this whole parenting gig. And I just absolutely love that she is so passionate about life. She loves her family and teachers and friends with so much enthusiasm. 

And yesterday...sigh...she told me I was her best friend. Geez, I almost needed to pull over the car. 

Ella, I do not even really know how to fully write down and explain how amazing you are little darling. You amaze me. You teach me way more than I teach you. I LOVE that you have a strong personality...you will surely be a strong woman because of it. Your preschool teacher says you are shy and very well behaved. How proud I feel, yet I cannot take credit. I have never seen a strong willed child who is shy in public...what a complex person you are! But, my little lady, I wouldn't change one thing about you. You, too, are one of my best friends, my buddy, my little dose of heaven every. single. day. And although I am still the mommy, I look forward to watching our friendship blossom as God continues to shape you into this incredible little lady. 
I love you a thousand times,
Mommy (or Mum...too many English cartoons, perhaps?)


Jess said...

She is gorgeous! I was a strong willed child when I was little - ok, I am still strong willed...but it's a good thing! It kept me out of a lot of trouble! :)

Katie said...

So it is possible to make it out of the twos with your own sanity and a happy child? I have a very, VERY strong willed child and I often wonder how we are both going to make it through this phase. This is SO encouraging to me! Ella is just gorgeous and I can't believe how grown up she looks in such a short time. I hope my Kylie follows in her strong willed footsteps. :)

Amy said...

sarah....this is SUCH an encouragement to me!!! I think i cried through this entire post (first of all because it was so sweet and secondly, because we are EXACTLY where you were a year ago.) I am happy to know that my strong-willed, sassy, opinionated little girl can and will morph into a sweet toddler one of these days - ha! it is SO hard to be "in the trenches" of major discipline, especially when I feel like it lasts all day every day sometimes....but what a wonderful thing to know that the strong willed child will also love strongly and deeply - praise God! :)
thank you for your encouragement. and wow! what a difference a year makes....ella is a treasure for sure!

Anonymous said...

oh so cute! great photos.


Sara said...

Ella is such a beauty! I mean seriously joy just shines from all of her pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

A friend sent me over here, because this post reminded her of me and my daughter. :) I about a year further down the path of parenting a strong-willed little girl, and I can promise you that it just keeps getting better. :)

Ella is a beautiful little girl, and her mommy seems to have a beautiful heart to match!

Have a wonderful weekend!