Monday, June 27, 2011

I know...

I know. I was on a roll with blogging more regularly and then...well, life just happened. By that, I just mean that it's warm outside and we've been playing hard. I've also been venturing out more with all three children and finally getting out of my baby blues that have lasted way too long. It has been a hard 9 months and all of a sudden I feel like I woke up and said "You know what? Everyone is going to be ok. WE are going to be ok. I can handle raising three little miracles. And yes, I can get out of the house by myself with all three children." So, I started living again and reconnecting with friends whom I haven't seen since the twins were born. I started being Sarah again. I even started doing a little photography again. I still have my days of feeling completely overwhelmed...days where I can barely even get everyone fed, much less do anything "fun". But, I'm getting there. I'm starting to feel like me again...and it feels really good.

Besides that, my mom was in a jet ski accident shortly after my last post. She is still in hospital, but doing ok. It's just going to be a long recovery. She has very severe osteoporosis, so the simple impact of falling into the water basically shattered her left leg. My dad was supposed to go out of the country tomorrow, but has since decided to cancel his trip. I was trying to find him some nursing help if he decided to leave, but it looks like that isn't an issue anymore.

I've also had two teething babies. Jacob is having a hard time with it. He has three teeth already. Audrey hasn't broken any yet, but the Pediatrician said any time now...he could feel them in the office.

So I am sorry about the unannounced hiatus. And sorry for leaving you hanging with the video posts. It's on my "to-do" list. So although I love all you who read my blog and have stuck with me, my days of playing Madeline dolls with Ella and dancing to Disney songs are so few.

But, I know you understand because you all are so sweet and such blessings in my life. Whether I know you in real life or only through the blogger world, thank you for loving me...even when I'm bad about staying in touch.



Francesca Fine Jewelry said...

Praying for your mother!

The Del Angel Family said...

So sorry about your mom...praying for her.

Life Happens said...

Hi, I came across your blog from Tabitha at Paper Airplanes. You have a beautiful family!

I just welcomed my miracle baby boy 4 months ago and I think the post baby blues are sinking in. Everything just seems overwhelming right now. I just keep praying for strength every day.

I am sorry to hear about your mom's accident. I hope she continues to recover.

PhaseThreeOfLife said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling more like yourself. I only have one and he seems like such a handful sometimes, so the fact that three are overwhelming makes PERFECT sense!

Your poor mom! Praying that her recovery isn't too difficult. :(