Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ballerina Girl

If there was an award for terrible blogger, I'm pretty sure I would win. It certainly isn't because of lack of material that I haven't blogged. These three little miracles that God has entrusted me with most certainly give me plenty to write about. There is NEVER a dull moment in this house. Having our house for sale with three little human tornadoes just makes my not so simple life even that more insane. I'm pretty sure if I didn't color my hair, that there would be some grey underneath. And although I put on a great facade that I have it all under control, I'm really not sure how everything gets done that needs to get done. What I do know is that I do little things all day long to stay on top of it all. I may not have time to put all the laundry away at once. But every morning,  a load is started and I put away a few items here and there throughout my day.

On top of my busy role of mother of three, I decided to become "mother of a child in extracurricular activities" as well...ballet and tap to be exact. It is well worth the insanity to get her there because she loves it that much. We are only two lessons in, but already I see many years of pink tights and black leotards in our future. Never have I seen a child so excited and so quick to leave my side as that first day she saw that ballet bar and mirror. That picture you above was taken within 2 seconds of us walking in the door...she decided she needed to go do a little warm up before her teacher arrived. No prompting, no bribing...just a little girl who seems to have been meant to be a prima ballerina.

And I'd be lying if I didn't say that I felt just slightly proud and excited about this new adventure for her! No worries...I will not become a crazy stage mom. Just a crazy picture taking lady!

Ballet and tap shoes are not the only new things in our house. A certain little man has acquired several new teeth. Jacob has a total of 8 teeth now...all within in a two month time frame. He has been a teething machine! And little Audrey...the girl has a head full of hair, but ZERO teeth. The girl likes to take her time on everything. She has only recently mastered the skill of turning over both ways. Meanwhile, her crazy twin brother is army crawling and pulling on any electrical cord he can find. His favorite game is to crawl under the bed or behind the curtains...pretty much any spot where I cannot find him. He is only making me slightly insane with this new trick. Both babies are sitting up pretty well.

We are also enjoying the weekends on this fabulous craftsmanship:

It is the only good thing about these sweltering summer days: the boat and the lake.

So, I just may get the award for worst blogger, you can see it is all for a good cause! We have been having lots of fun (and tantrums and timeouts...but, I've gotten good at ignoring those!).

Perhaps, I will get around to finishing those video posts...tonight perhaps? Which of course means next week...if you know me, I have lots of great ideas, but my execution can be a little lacking. I might just be slightly ADD.

That is all for now. The babies are napping and Ella and I are off to play fairies in the backyard...perhaps she can teach me how to do pirouettes and plies.


Shawn said...

i so enjoy reading your blog - what a joy it is to read your updates! i swear, we have so much in common (except for the fact that i don't have children .. yet)! blessings!

Cadie said...

I love little girls in ballet shoes! How sweet she looks with her toes pointed! I'm amazed every time you do blog...I barely manage to write a post (in one sitting) with only one toddler. Can't imagine 3 little ones! But, whenever you do write a post, I love reading it. :)

Courtney said...

Love, love, love those pictures!!! That is all. :-)

Flor said...

Your daughters are lovely! I just found your blog and it's a pleasure to meet you and your little adventures.

Perhaps you'll visit me sometime?


Luisa Rodríguez said...

These pictures are so beautiful! And hey, your blog rocks! You've just got a new reader :)

Hope you find the time to visit mine too :)