Friday, November 11, 2011

All about Ella

Like her mommy, she is a city girl living in the suburbs. I say that because she likes to be on the go and wants to be dressed to the nines the moment she wakes up in the morning. She often dresses up in something and tells me she is getting ready to go to Paris. Andrew and I are convinced that is going to do something in the arts. Her new favorite activity is to listen to a book on c.d. and "act out" all the scenes. Sometimes she gets her various dolls and stuffed animals and makes them act out different characters. It is adorable. We love watching her creative mind at work. And we cannot keep enough art supplies in this house. This little beauty loves to Perhaps she will be a painter in Paris!

In all seriousness, it is fun to watch your child start to develop certain interests. I am sure these will change through the years, so I wanted to write down some of Ella's favorite things at the moment. I saw someone on pinterest put a picture of their child and then add text to the side with all their favorites for that age. Isn't that clever? I haven't tried it yet, but for now, thought I'd just list them below: So here we go: All About Ella

Age: 3 & 1/2
Favorite Movie: Sleeping Beauty, but really any princess movie (it doesn't even have to be animated. If it has a girl in a ballgown, she's all about it!)
Favorite Cartoon: Always changing but here are a few: Madeline, Angelina Ballerina, Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Music: Jazz (isn't that great? She loves it! I am sure that is because I listen to it all the time); Veggie Tales Sunday School Songs c.d.; Christmas music (I have a disc with all the old traditional pop/jazz type songs that she listens to year round)
Favorite Food: She would probably say chicken, but she really likes anything. But, if I ask her what she wants for dinner, she almost always says chicken. I also make a turkey and sun-dried tomato meatloaf that she loves. Oh, and hotdogs, but I have to limit those.
Favorite candy: Lollipops or any chocolate
Favorite toy: She loves any sort of small doll (ie-Madeline dolls) or figurines (those small princess figures) that can fit in a play castle or dollhouse. She also likes to have tea parties and "read" books to her bigger dolls. Oh, and the girl LOVES puzzles...I'm talking 60 pieces or more puzzles.
Favorite color: pink or purple
Favorite Book:  This is always changing, but she likes the following: Angelina Ballerina series, Madeline series, Fancy Nancy series, Ella Bella Ballerina books, and the Katie books. She also loves "look and find" books.
Things she can't live without: 1. She has to have her chocolate milk (carnation instant breakfast) EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. It is like her coffee...she cannot function until she's had it. Sometimes she'll ask for a second glass, but she has learned to say "mommy, after you are done with your coffee, can I have more chocolate milk?";2. she's still very attached to her pink blanket. However, she has added a second one to the mix the past few months that is grey and pink striped with her name on it. I think she grew attached to it because when we couldn't find the pink one I would convince her that the grey one was awesome because it had her name on it. Now she has to have both. She is like Linus from the Peanuts cartoon.  
Quirky things about Ella: She cannot take an afternoon nap in her regular clothes. She insists on changing into pajamas. I finally gave in to this and decided it just didn't matter. Some things just aren't worth fighting over.
Her night time rituals: Besides the usual bath and book, she has to put on a puppet show with her daddy every.single.night. She has to have a glass of cold water with ice in a sippy cup in her bed as well as socks on her feet. And lastly, she always wants me to sing "Baby Mine" and rub her head and back. And it is always followed by a "little hug" and a "BIG hug" and two kisses. It sounds a little high maintenance now that I write it out, but to us, it's just a few things that make her feel loved...and I'm ok with that. Of course, sometimes she pulls stall tactics. Her new favorite is to come out and announce "I do not want to sleep with THAT baby" and wants the baby put out in the hallway. Whatever.

And here are a few of her common things she says:
1. "When I get bigger..." or "when I get older..."
2. "When I go to Paris one day..."
3. "Mommy, don't worry. Today I am going to obey!!" (that always makes me laugh)
4. "Mommy, when you get bigger, you can wear this outfit too."
5. "Let's make an art project for... (grandma, grandaddy, grammie, poppie, daddy, Ms. Nancy
6.  "I want a hangerbur (aka-hamburger...and we won't correct her because it is just too cute)
7. "That's so silly/funny..."
8. "Look! A School bus!! When I get bigger I'm going to ride on that!" (we'll see, Ella...)
9. Instead of saying yesterday or last night, she always says "last year". time wise, everything is a year.

She is all about Santa Claus right now too. I know some people don't like the whole "Santa" thing, but we love the magic of Christmas. When she asks one day if he is real, I plan on simply telling her that it is something we like to pretend. Our Children will always know the true meaning of Christmas and about Christ's birth, but I also ok with the magic and whimsy of the Santa thing. It will definitely be a part of our day.

So, that's my editorial on Ella. She is super shy, but a super sweet little girl.  She sees only beauty and I often find myself jealous of her uncluttered mind. If I was ever asked whom I admire, my answer would most definitely be Ella. I love seeing this world through her is way better than my own.


Courtney said...

Love this post!! She is just beautiful...inside and out!

Lauren said...

She sounds like a fabulous little girl! :)

Amy said...

ella is fabulous! isn't it funny what they come up with that suddenly becomes "their" routine? libbi always asks for a "little baby rock" (and wants us to rock her just a little bit) i have no idea where that phrase came from, but it is just part of her routine now. her stall tactic is to ask to read the bible - ha! she knows that we have a hard time saying no to girl :)
ella sounds like a perfect mix of brains and beauty with a nice helping of creativity thrown in!
you forgot to mention that she has one gorgeous head of hair! ;-)