Sunday, November 13, 2011

All about Jacob

I feel like I don't talk much about Jacob on here. That is ironic because he is probably my most needy child at the moment...although Ella is a close second.  He had a reputation during his time in the NICU for being a wee bit demanding. He was a happy little fella, but he needed lots of attention.  He pretty much hasn't changed! My lack of posting about him is usually more because I don't have near as many cute pictures of him. He is constantly on the move and it is very hard to get a decent picture of him. But, since I did an "All about Ella" post, I figured I should give a little shout out about the other little ones in this house. So, here we go: All about Jacob

Age: 14 months
Favorite Movie/cartoon: He isn't really old enough to truly watch a movie, but he will totally watch one of those Baby Einstein videos when he is in his 5 o'clock bewitching hour. It is the only way I can cook dinner. He also will show some attention to Mickey Mouse if it is on. What is it about that mouse that makes all kids so happy?
Favorite Food: Meat, cheese, bananas, and blueberries; he also LOVES water. I decided that I am not even going to give him any juice since he will drink a whole cup of water without any fuss.
Words he says: Mama, dada, baba...that's about it.
Teeth: 8, but his 4 molars are about to break through as well...he is miserable. 
Favorite Toy:  Bouncy Balls; He will roll them around and chase them all day long. He also likes the weeble wobble tree house (this has been a big hit with all my children) and sometimes cars.
Quirky things about Jacob: If he hiccups or burps, he hysterically laughs. The hiccups are the best because he will literally laugh after every single hiccup...basically leading to 10 minutes of solid laughter. Andrew and I agree that things in general are very funny to him. He is definitely going to be the class clown.
Things He can't live without: his little elephant blanket (one of the small, hand-held blankets with an elephant head on it). He does like a pacifier when he sleeps, but otherwise I wouldn't say he is overly attached to it. If you tried to give it to him just randomly during the day, he would spit it out. I'd also add he can't live without his mommy. He is very attached to me. :)
His personality: WILD! He is for sure my risk taker. I never had to baby proof (except the stairs) with Ella. But this boy...oh my! He destroys everything in his path. He is going to be the one who sneaks out of the house when he is two...I'd be willing to wager money on that. He loves to unplug everything in the house and crawl in small spaces. Crazy boy!
Funny things he does: He loves to lift up toys (usually balls) and put them somewhere high. The sofa, the table, etc. are all places he loves to put toys. If you are in the bathtub, he will bring you any toy he can find and throw it in the tub. Future basketball player, perhaps?

Overall, Jacob has been the most "typical" child. He isn't super easy like Audrey, but he is not overly fussy like Ella was as a baby (and still is).   If you are holding him, he is the happiest little guy in the world. He is a good sleeper and napper, so I am thankful for that. He is so close to walking and even took 2 independent steps the other day. I predict he will be walking (slowly) by Christmas.  He is very cuddly and affectionate. My favorite thing about Jacob is how he will crawl into my lap and lay his head on my chest and just snuggle. I wasn't sure how I would feel about a boy after having Ella, but I can say that boys are just as amazing as girls. They are special in a different way that I don't even know how to describe...not more special, just a different type of special. And those dimples...oh my word. They will have you weak in the knees, ladies!

So there you have it. Jacob=typical boy. I'm hoping having two sisters will keep him from being too rough and tough.  When he had a collapsed lung in the NICU, the doctors and nurses said they couldn't believe he wasn't showing any symptoms of being in distress. He is one tough little dude. His middle name is Pierce, which means strong...and strong he is! I love that both he and Audrey have names that mean strong. Jacob is another form of the name James, which is Andrew's middle name. Originally, we were thinking of naming him James because Jacob is sort of overused these days. When we first got married 9 years ago, we always said we wanted a little boy named Jacob...then it became very popular. But, one night when I was laying in the hospital, we both were feeling nostalgic and talking about our early married days. We talked about how we used to say we wanted a Jacob. Literally in that moment, we both looked at each other and we just knew...we had to have our Jacob! He brings a totally different dynamic to our family that we just love. I adore that little man!


Lauren said...

I LOVE the name Jacob. And yes, Jacob sounds like a typical little boy! I am always amazed when people say they didn't have to baby proof their house because their child just didn't get into anything. I had to start babyproofing my house when Noah was about 5 months, because as soon as he started army crawling he was getting into everything. Then when he started pulling up at 7 months I had to baby proof even MORE, and its been a constant battle ever since! lol

Jen said...

He is soooo cute!!!