Sunday, November 27, 2011

All About Audrey

Last, but certainly not least, I am finishing my "All About" with the youngest member of the family (by 6 minutes!) with little Audrey Helene.

Age: 14 months
Favorite Movie/Cartoon: Still too young to have much interest in this area, but she is slightly entertained by the Baby Einstein videos. Can I just say that I know these videos do nothing except provide mindless entertainment and babysitting? And any parent who says they never use television as a babysitter did not have 3 children 3 and under and tried to do laundry. 
Favorite Food: We are still struggling with solid foods, but cheerios are always a favorite for this little precious girl. Otherwise, applesauce, soft meats, baby food are still our go-to items for her.
Words she says: Mama, dada, bye-bye, baba, madababebo (and whatever else she can put together in one breath)
Teeth: 6 (4 on top, 2 on the bottom)-cutest smile ever!!
Favorite Toy: She pretty much enjoys tearing up all my magazines and pulling all the diapers and wipes out of the box. Otherwise, she is starting to have some interest in her baby doll.
Quirky things about Audrey: The funniest thing about Audrey is that since she can't crawl, she scoots around on her bottom by pulling herself around with her hands. She can go super fast! She is still is very finicky about touching certain textures with her hands. Her Occupational Therapist is helping her with this. The hands thing and her issues with eating all have to do with her sensory integration disorder.
Things she can't live without: Her grey, white, and pink blanket with her name on it. She curls it up around her face and chews on it (I know...that part is gross, but what do ya do?). She's never taken a pacifier, so I guess that is her oral fixation?? I'd also say she can't live without her family. She loves, loves, loves her mommy, daddy, and siblings. She is such a sweet presence in our family and brings so many smiles even on the most difficult days.
Her personality: I say it all the time, but she is truly the most content, happy child on the planet. Although she gets upset when we are pushing her in therapy, she is otherwise a very "go with the flow" child. She loves to sit in your lap and be held, but she will not "snuggle" close. The therapist said this has to do with her issues with her hands and touching things. She is my most adaptable child when we have a day where we can't stay on our normal schedule. Otherwise, I will just say that everyone who meets her falls in love with her instantly. She has a calming effect when you are with her. I think God knew I would need one child who was quiet and easy, so He gave us Audrey. 
Funny things she does: She loves to tilt her head to get your attention and then she will smile when you finally acknowledge her. If she successfully picks up a food item and actually gets it into her mouth (again, we are struggling with some fine motor skills) she will clap for herself. She also puts her hands on top of head when she is done eating. Funny girl! The other "funny" thing about her is she has crazy thick hair! You can't really tell from the pictures, but her hair is very different from Ella and Jacob. It is really wavy in the front and super curly in the back. It is going to be so beautiful when it gets a little longer, but at the moment, her hair is just out of control!

I just really can't say enough nice things about this girl. We recently visited my grandmother who has late-stage alzheimers and even she was completely enthralled with her. She sang lullabies to her and Audrey just smiled. My grandmother looked at me with a huge smile and said "I think I'd like to keep this baby!" She is really special. But, don't let her fool you! She is not a push over. I constantly find her pushing Jacob if he is crawling over her. She'll also yank toys back from him if he steals something she is playing with.

I feel like our 3 children all bring something so unique to our family. They are all different, yet they "gel" very well together. Audrey brings a certain sweetness that can calm my anxious heart. Ella loves for Audrey to come play in her room and I foresee hours of playing house and school in her room in the future. Ella already will sit next to her and read her stories. My sister is very special to me, so I am glad that these girls will get to experience that as well. 

Audrey Helene, you are as beautiful as your name...and I predict you will be as classy as your name as well! 


Life Happens said...

Your kids are all beautiful and amazing!

Elsa said...

Well, I have fallen in love with all three Babes & I've not even met them {in person}! Love your photos & posts.