Monday, January 2, 2012

The Christmas is over blues

I have the "Christmas is over blues." I am usually ready to remove all the decorations, but this year I am shockingly still in the holiday spirit. Today, Ella said "Mommy. It's time to take down my tree. Christmas is over!!" So, I took hers down, but pleaded with Andrew for one more week with our family tree.

Pitiful, huh?

OK. Just one more viewing of "Elf" and "It's a Wonderful Life" and I'll move on.

But, before I say goodbye to December 2011, here are few pictures of Ella's first gingerbread house decorating experience. She had so much fun being creative. Just call her Degas or Monet. She is definitely Ivy League bound with these skills.

I helped a little with the icing, but most of this creative decorating was all her. It was fun to just allow her to dream up her own ideas

A little crazy with the "snow" on the rooftop

Proud artist

Such sweet memories. Raising little ones is the hardest job I've ever had, but these are the moments that make it worth it.

Hope you all made some sweet memories this past Christmas season.

And I promise to embrace 2012 in just a few more days. Just two more movies...I promise! Ok, maybe 3.


Krista said...

On the contrary. The "Christmas" Season is the 12 days after christmas taking us to Epiphany when the church celebrates the visit from the 3 you enjoy that christmas Tree just a little bit longer!!!

Sarah said...

Yes Krista! I have heard some people don't put even put there tree up until Christmas eve and leave it up until January 6th. Hmmm...maybe we should give 3 gifts on the 12th day!