Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In a moment

Hi sweet readers

I'm sorry if you are still waiting on me to continue on with my Amazing Grace series. I am still working on it. It isn't something I can just sit and write in a few minutes. I want to be sure to give a clear and accurate account of how I've overcome doubt, lack of faith, etc...yet, make sure you understand that God is still working on me. I am in need of a lot of repair. But the more I embrace grace, the more I am able to see Jesus for who He truly was.

The past week has been a little overwhelming for us, so I haven't been able to really devote my mind to write the words for the next post on the series. I am working on patient with me. My mother was in the hospital last week, but doing much better. We then had a very scary thing happen at our home on Sunday morning: Audrey fell down the stairs...from the very top to the bottom. And I was there, but I just couldn't stop it. And even when you are the most careful parent, accidents happen. Anyway, we spent Sunday in the Emergency Room. I am humbled at God's mercy as Audrey is without even a single bruise and no broken bones. No concussion...nothing. Completely fine. Will you thank God for that tonight?

And then, my dad left last night for his annual trip to Mali, Africa. I can't imagine a more loving and grace filled person than my dad teaching the people of Mali about Jesus. Please pray for his safety as well as the people's hearts to be receptive. (On a side not, my dad has diabetes, so we always have a little concern about him being able to manage it over there. ie-cool places to store his insulin as well as food that will be agreeable with his diet.)

So, I will be back in a moment or two with the continuation of my story. I will not leave you hanging. I think my story is like so many others, but we are all too afraid to say it! May these words bring you peace that you are not alone!


Mommy Belle said...

I am so thankful that Audrey had not even a single bruise! And, yes, exactly as you said, accidents do happen! So don't even think about beating yourself up over that one. We as moms tend to do that way too often! :)

Krista said...

Blessings, Ella fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago. We have two gates now. ugh, I hate that feeling. I hope this week looks a little brighter.

Hillary said...

Praises to God for protecting your little one. Grady too fell down our stairs last week (just a couple of them though). It really is soo scary!

Can't wait to hear more of your series!


Amy said...

sarah! i am so so so thankful audrey is okay and i know you are too! you are right, it just takes a second. there are way too many times a day that i think "whew...that could have been really bad...." so many in fact that i know i don't thank God near enough for His grace and protection!

Shawn said...

praise GOD - so thankful to hear that audrey is okay! i will keep your family in my prayers, sister! xo

New Every Morning said...

Oh Sarah! What a tough week! I'm so glad your sweet girl is okay. Hugs to you all!!!