Monday, February 27, 2012

Ella's moving to London

Whew! Those last few posts were kind of heavy, huh? You never know what you are going to get over here. Today, I decided to lighten the mood and tell yet another funny Ella story.

So, in case you didn't know, my husband is a Transportation Engineer and works for the city. He loves mass transit...which is ironic considering we live in the United States where we pretty much rely on our cars (not much mass transit here). Specifically, he loves high speed rail which explains a little more our love for Europe. Let me paint a more vivid picture of this passion for you: when we lived in Florida, he designed and built a model train and tracks that went through our garden. Now, that train goes around the ceiling in yet another track he designed that is in the children's play room. And while some may say this takes geek to a new level, I think it's pretty awesome...but, I like nerds ;) We both loath how dependent we have to be on cars where we live.

Anyway, so Andrew was the project manager for some new bus stop revamps in the city (as well as pedestrian cross walks and a place for people to store bikes at the stops, etc.). The other day, they had a ribbon cutting ceremony with press and some other VIP from Atlanta. Andrew thought it would be fun for Ella and me to come watch. Afterwards, they were going to take two buses and tour around the city to look at all the improvements. So, this would be Ella's first adventure on a bus.

I thought that she would be ecstatic when I told her, but instead she said, "But, I don't like buses. I just like cars." All I could think to say was "please do not say that in front of your father!"

As we were driving to city hall, I start hearing Ella talk about school buses. I then start to realize she thinks we are going to ride on a school bus with other children. Once again, I had to burst her bubble that it was not that kind of bus. 

So, we went and of course Ella just thought it was fabulous! (The press/cameras were right behind us during the ceremony and I was just praying Ella didn't have a meltdown or start picking her nose or something.) She especially loved that you could pull a cord to tell the bus driver to stop (and yes, she did do it once...oops!).

Ella and her daddy on her very first bus ride

 Well, you know how children are. They will go on and on about something for weeks after they experience something new and fun. She is all about buses right now. So, the other day, she had Jacob's Red Double Decker Bus (like the ones you see in London) filled top and bottom levels with princess figurines. The princesses take lots of rides to City Hall in her little world.

When I told her they had buses like that in London, she got it in her head that that is where she wants to live. I also told her that her pen pal, also named Ella, lived in the UK and not too far from London. So, I proceeded to show her pictures of Ella's house where she was playing in the snow and had built a snowman...and Snow+double decker buses=perfection in her world. The snow sealed the deal for her.

I'm pretty sure the girl will be asking to study abroad the first chance she gets.

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Krista said...

Too cute!! Ella can come and visit anytime!!! (before July...because I just booked our plane tickets back to North America) :)