Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea and crumpets anyone?

You know how parents always joke that you don't need to buy toys for your kids; just give them an empty box. There is definitely a lot of truth to the statement.

When they aren't pulling up the air vents and throwing cheerios or my crystal goblets down the vent, they can also frequently be found playing here:

Yes, that would be my tea cart. I don't know what it is about this little cart, but they are drawn to it daily. And it looks really cute...but, I have a few things I am little possessive of and this is one of them. So, I happened to see this online the other day and had to add it to my wish list:

Isn't that cute? Ella would love this for her daily tea parties. I did not buy it, but I think it could be a fun toy for all and possibly keep them away from my own tea cart.

Of course, then we might need the little silver tea set that goes with it too.

And by "we", I of course mean me. :) What can I say, I still have little girl dreams as well.


Lauren said...

Hahaha! Not surprising to me, at all.

Amy said...

check craigslist! :)
i'll keep my eyes peeled for you, too! :))

Amber said...

Too cute! We had issues with the air vents as well - until my husband screwed them down! LOL! Now the twins have found other things to get into.