Monday, August 27, 2012

The Day Rapunzel got a hair cut

Ella loves Rapunzel whom she calls "Princess Tangled". She even runs around outside barefoot because Rapunzel does not wear shoes in the movie. And with beautiful blonde locks down past her hips, she was beginning to look like Rapunzel...and those baby curls were in a constant tangle. We talked it up for weeks and reassured her she would not lose her magical powers if we cut her hair. It took me a few days after buying the scissors to convince myself it was time to say goodbye to those baby curls. But before we the big snip, here are a few pictures of my own little princess with her very long locks.


When wet, her hair was down past her hips in the very back

She could not be cuter


This is about 7 inches later!!

Looking a little more grown up...le sigh

I saved the curls in a little ziplock bag. Her hair is still long, which I love...and she loves. Although her curls are gone, the girl still has an amazing amount of body and bounce in that hair. She is still just as beautiful as ever! Now we just have to change her Princess name to Sleeping Beauty. (However, I think she said she wants to fly like Tinkerbell now...that should be interesting to see.)


Lauren said...

I think she has thicker hair than me, and I'm a grown woman:)

Brooke's Insights to Life said...

What a beautiful child! :)

Brittney said...

Aww, she does look as beautiful as before. Know that must've been tough for you as her Mama though! Your precious daughter has gorgeous hair.