Friday, October 22, 2010

I spoke too soon

As Murphy's Law would have it, because I said Audrey could be coming home soon, then of course she is not. I guess I spoke too soon.

There is nothing wrong with her per se. We are still just waiting for her to stop dropping her oxygen saturations with her feeds. The nurse today said that it is a neurological maturation thing...and it basically "clicks" overnight. So, I sat with Audrey this evening and gave her a pep talk. I told her she had to pull it together before brother did if she wanted any chance of some one on one attention with her mommy. You see, brother Jacob has developed the reputation as being rather needy. In other words, he cries a lot therefor he gets held a lot! Thank goodness Audrey is so easy and content because Jacob is going to need a lot more consoling.

Otherwise, Audrey is great: no feeding tube for a week, no oxygen for a week, and she is gaining weight.

Now Jacob...the poor fellow has reflux, HORRIBLE gas, and just miserable. He is still on a tiny bit of oxygen simply because the constant choking/reflux makes him drop his oxygen saturation. He still has a feeding tube although he is taking a good bit of his feeds by mouth. He actually breastfeeds way better than bottle feeding. They said it is a much slower flow so it's probably easier for him to manage with his reflux. Anyway, he's not too far behind his sister.

So, here are the current weights:
Jacob Pierce: 5 lbs. 12 ounces (Can you believe that??!!!)
Audrey Helene: 4 lbs. 13 ounces

This week, the babies turned 7 weeks old and 36 weeks gestation. It really is amazing looking back on how far we have come. I'll post some new pictures of everyone this weekend. Ella can't wait to meet her little sister and brother!

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paula said...

wow, you inspire me. The babies are gorgeous. such dolls.