Friday, May 6, 2011

Be encouraged

I am not a parenting expert. Not even a novice. An advanced beginner, perhaps? This whole video may come across as a little pollyanna-ish. I guess I've just heard enough mothers snicker and tear each other down enough that I only desire to be a voice of encouragement. We are all just doing the best we can with the tools we've been given.  So when you are done watching, go and encourage another mommy. Don't give her tips on how to "do it right". Just love her right where she is at in this whole mothering gig and tell her she is blessed and doing great! Go help another mommy at the playground or grocery store. We all have off days. We all have days where are children act like they are possessed by demons...they especially love to do this when out in public. They are funny little creatures like that. But, we as adults have rotten attitudes and days too. Remember that next time your kid throws a tantrum in the middle of Macy's...lord knows Ella has shown herself in almost every public venue at this point. Be encouraged. Happy mother's day!

Untitled from Sarah Antweiler on Vimeo.


Amy said...

this was great....and so encouraging! i have a "passionate" child, too! :) I could totally relate to you, because libbi came fresh out of the womb with an opinion - on everything! i do try to remind myself that when she is older, it could really be beneficial for all of us. it is hard sometimes when i feel like all i'm doing is disciplining, but like you said, i know we will one day see the fruits of our labor. (btw, i did not get anything out of shepherding a child's heart, either! - and i was always so surprised that so many people highly recommended it!)

Miss said...

oh my gosh...that could have been me talking! From not letting our kids dictate what they eat to not reading alot of parenting books b.c we want to hear what GOD has to teach us!! =) loved it!