Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What happened?

I know, I know. I promised all these videos and totally dropped off the face of the earth. Little man is cutting his bottom teeth I think and SUPER, don't put him down for one second or he'll get mad. This also means he is waking up at night...albeit only wanting a pacifier, yet still interrupting my sleep cycle. So if you see me at the grocery store and wonder why I look like tired, well, it's because I am!

Meanwhile, one of my dearest friends and her 4 year old son flew in from Texas for a visit. We talked till the wee hours of the morning. It reminded me of life before kids when staying up until 1 or 2 am was no big deal. After a few nights of this, I was quickly reminded that I am not in my 20's anymore...boy am I paying for those late nights this week!

So, I'm resting up for our big day tomorrow...Ella's going to be a big 3 years old! How can this be? That would mean I am about to turn 31...certainly this is not true as I really don't remember even turning 30. But then I look at the wrinkles around my mouth, the muffin top tummy that I didn't have in my 20's, and the pitiful hair on my head and realize I have indeed aged.  Guess it's time to look into that lipo and microderm abrasion. Hey, don't judge. I love the body God gave me...but, this is not it. My kids gave me THIS body.

Anyway, hopefully this lame-o post will suffice for a couple more days till I can pull my self together enough to get back on the video bandwagon.

Yes, I am that vain. (Not really. I'm just realizing that it has been 8 months since I had the twins, so I am feeling the pressure to start pulling myself together again. You lose that 15 pounds still lingering around my midsection.) Sigh.


Wanting What I Have said...

Oh...reading this made me smile. i've got the muffin top and so very many other signs that I've birthed and nursed three children, despite many, many early mornings on the elliptical machine. :) Hang in there!

Jamale said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! Hope she has a fun day, tomorrow! And, Sarah, you look nothing but beautiful in all your pictures and videos!
p.s. Thank you for all the sweet comments you have left on my blog. :)

Cadie said...

Sarah, so I totally just left you a comment, but I didn't realize that my husband was signed in, rather than myself! So, that comment from Jamale, is really from me. You don't have to publish it, just know, that it was me that wrote it! :) Thanks!