Monday, May 23, 2011

Are you really real God?

Truth? The mere fact that I even had the word God in the title of this post has made 50% of the people who read this blog feel REALLY uncomfortable. 25% probably already clicked the button to stop following this blog. And dare I say the other 25% will click "stop following" if they even make it to the end.

Truth? If I say that I am Christian, you assume that I am some Pollyanna, teetotaler who sings "Amazing Grace" all day long. You think I'm one of these crazies who believes in a Fairy Tale. I mean, really, a dude gets swallowed by a whale and God has him spit back out? Really?? Crazy sounding, huh?

Truth? Maybe if I tell you that I am Christian you are reminded of someone else who told you the same and that person was one of meanest, backstabbing, judgmental persons you have ever met.

But, what if I told you that I enjoy a glass of wine with my husband. What if I told you that sometimes I just want to listen to the Top 40 countdown with Ryan Seacrest...and GASP...sometimes I even like to have wine and listen to the Top 40 on a SUNDAY!!! And what if I told you there are times when I am so frustrated and exhausted that I have been known to have filthy language roll off my tongue.

What if I told you I have slammed my Bible shut a time or two and said "there is no way all this is true!!".

What if I told you that believing in Jesus Christ hasn't been easy for me. It's been complicated, messy.

So when one of my readers asked me how I became a Believer,  I cringed. "Lord Father, PLEASE don't make me talk about it. They won't understand. If they don't believe, they will think I'm just another crazy!"

But, that's not for me to know. But, God knows why this story needs to be told. So, here I am. To tell you why I believe in Jesus Christ, how I came to believe, and how I'm still on a journey to figure it out.

To be continued...(video to follow this week)


Simple Life Journey said...

Great post. Love your honesty. Doubting and searching is healthy. It causes you to really figure out what you believe in, resulting in faith, a faith that becomes your own. Can't wait to hear your testimony.

Delaney said...

trippy. me and my boyfriend just had a conversation about this like 1 hour ago. i think God knows and understands that we think these things everyday. he knows we think them before we even say them. It comforts me that nothing shocks him, even my foul mouthed angry thoughts i have about people.

Erin said...

I like this because it shows the real side of a Christian...doubtful, but growing daily (hopefully) in confidence with our Lord as we walk with Him and He continues to prove Himself faithful. I like that it shows us as normal, imperfect people because it is THEN others can see God in us.

And, I like to drink a glass of wine sometimes, too. And I'm Baptist. Gasp. :)

PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Can't wait for the continuation! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Tiffany said...

Good Post! I have never commented before and have been reading your blog for a while now. Just as another one said; I think it is healthy. Through our doubts and questions we grow closer to God and reveals Himself to you.