Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buttons and Pins

So, I'm trying to spiffy up the ole blog here. This is nothing exciting for all you tech savvy people...but for moi...this took using parts of my brain I don't use too often.

So, without further ado, I present to you in the little right hand corner of this little blog: my button! What? That's so 2010 you say? Whatever, I'm usually late to jump on all the trendy things. But if you still think I'm cool enough or worthy of your time, I'd just love it if you grabbed my button. (Doesn't that sound a wee bit risque almost? hehehe)

ahem raise your hand if you waste time  are totally in love with Pinterest? You can follow me there too. Just click on the little link under my button. That's one party I wasn't late too. In fact, I started before most of my friends. That doesn't impress you?

Anyway, just bragging wanted to share my latest goodies with you all.

Now go grab my button. (I just like saying that, so let me just say it a few more times: my button, my button, my button.)

Sorry, this insomnia is making me a bit neurotic. Hence why I am here making a button for my blog at midnight. 


Amy said...

haha...this totally made laugh! (maybe it's because i am also suffering from insomnia - ha!) ;-)
i saw a "pin" the other day that said "thank you pinterest for helping me feel creative when i've really just been sitting at my computer for the past three hours...." ;-)

The Dean's said...

Hi! I came across your blog today and have been trying to catch up on your story, but with a one year old in the house it's not often that I have time to "blog stalk" lol! I also had a preemie last year. With lots of love, prayers, support and faith, my son beat the odds and was born at 35 weeks (amazing as our initial goal was to just make 25)! I actually started out pregnant with twins, but unfortunately lost one very early on. I had some problems with my cervix which led to my difficult pregnancy. I was wondering if you might share why you went into preterm labor (I totally understand if you don't want to share with a stranger)? I am curious to know if it is the same condition I suffer from. Let me just say that your kiddos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing and I enjoyed reading your blog!