Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life as a New Mommy...

So, I've officially survived 8 weeks as a new mommy! People always say that becoming a parent changes your life. However, they don't tell you that it actually forms you into a better person. She is constantly teaching me how to be unselfish and patient.

Ella Grace is an answer to many fervent prayers. I say this over and over again, but she truly is our miracle child. Andrew and I are very open about our struggle with infertility. We are open about it because it helps to know someone who has gone through this...and we hope that God can use us to comfort others going through the same thing in the future. I know many people who question In-Vitro from a morality point of view. However, it was something we prayed night and day about for a long time. However, I'll talk more about all this in future blogs.

It's amazing the strength God gives mothers to take care of a newborn. Some nights when I finally shut my eyes, I wonder how I can possibly survive another night of little sleep...but, somehow I do! In the beginning, I thought surely I was going to die from sleep deprivation; but, you really do get use to it. I don't take naps during the day...I've tried, but those who know me know I'm a terrible sleeper. I look forward to Ella dropping one of these night feedings soon. She is on the small side (20th percentile for her weight), so it's going to take longer to get her sleeping longer!

Anyway, I will end this with repeating a very popular saying..."Being a mother is the hardest job you'll never get paid for." But I must say, it is the best job I've ever had!


TooBuff said...

What beautiful words you blessed I am to call you friend.

You speak so eloquently about the joys and sweetness of being a new mom. Though my circumstances were vastly different from yours, how well I remember those first days and weeks of being a new mom. I finally knew what was meant by "love at first sight", for I surely thought my heart would burst with the love I felt for my tiny babe.

Thank you for sharing your words and your beautiful baby.

trying4two99 said...

Once again- through the eyes of a child (mine)- she is beautiful! You are a dear friend of mine- thanks for sharing your struggle, as it is a struggle for us too.