Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crayons and Christmas Conclusions

With all the new battery operated toys out there, I still think the best thing ever invented was crayons. Crayons have prevented meltdowns when out shopping (I always carry a small coloring book from the dollar store and 3 crayons with me), enabled us to eat dinner out at restaurants (short dinners, of course), and most recently allowed to me take a quick shower in peace. The shower part is thanks to those clever crayons that were made for drawing in the bathtub. I started handing these to Ella when I get in the shower and let her draw on the outside of the tub. This morning, while I was showering, she did this:

Isn't that hilarious? Luckily, it comes off easily with water. This happened prior to her burning her little hand on my flat iron. This is the second time this has happened. I really try to be careful with stuff like that, but they reach before you can react (even though you are watching them). Shortly after this, she had her 7th or 8th meltdown for the morning (I think her ears are bothering her again) which resulted in me putting her in time-out. Within 10 seconds of me putting her in time-out (her crib with the door shut), I hear a HUGE thud (we have hardwood floors in her room)! Yes, you guessed it. Ella got out of her crib for the first time ever. She's always been capable, but she was having such a fit when I put her in there that I'm guessing she just had an adrenaline rush and climbed out. When I went back in there she was sobbing and saying "I sawy, I sawy, I sawy" (translation: I'm sorry) over and over again. And then she hugged me unlike any hug she's ever given me. Maybe this time out thing will actually work with her...for now. She was SO obedient after this happened. (Oh, and for the record, she was ok after falling out of the crib. I'm sure it hurt, but she didn't appear to be hurt.)

On a different note, I STILL haven't taken our Christmas tree down. I know, I know. It's "bad luck" if you don't take it down by New Year's. Well, since I don't believe in luck, I guess it's ok if I drag out the holidays a little longer. Ironically, I received a FedEx package today with Ella's new tree. I ordered it after Christmas and got a great deal! After seeing some cute trees in little girls rooms on other blogs, I decided I'd buy her her very own for next year. I'm going to buy pink and green ornaments for it and have my sister make me a pink tree skirt. I'm also going to hang ornaments that other people buy for her on it. Won't this be cute in her room?

It looks better in person, but you get the point. Speaking of ornaments, here are my favorites (I thought I'd take a few pictures before we take it down tonight!)...:

My very FIRST homemade ornament from my own child!! Can I tell you how choked up I got when she gave this to me?

This is the Pink Pig Ornament I bought when we rode on it in December.

Ella loved these birds on our tree. She would constantly go up to them and say "tweet. tweet."

She was really great about not touching the tree. In the picture below is the pig we bought for her for Christmas after we rode the Pink Pig (It's an Atlanta Christmas thing). People keep asking me about "this pig thing" because I wrote about it in our Christmas letter. Basically, it's a train ride in the shape of a pig. It's something they have been doing at the Macy's in Atlanta since the 1950's (only at Christmas time). When it first came out, it rode around the mall Christmas tree and then dropped the kids off at the Macy's toy department. Now, it just goes around in a circle. You'd have to be from here to appreciate it!

Here's a few pics from the Pink Pig Ride. I didn't have my good camera with us, so they aren't the best quality. Plus, there was pink carpet and pink walls which made everything look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

First ones in line...

Ella trying to decide where to sit

We rode twice so that Andrew and I both got a chance to ride with her. She LOVED it!

Andrew and Ella

So, now you all have a visual of the pink pig ride. I've said it before, but it was such a special day for me to take her there (see previous post from December about this). I can't wait until she is a little older and we can have "tea" at the American Girl Store (another one of my "if I ever have a child" dreams). Ridiculous? Maybe to some people.

For me, I'm just living my dream.


Shelley and Barret said...

Oh my goodness, the crayon stuff is hilarious!! Good thing you used bath kind in the bathroom! Good idea, though:)

I'm not looking forward to the day when Caleb discovers how to get OUT of the crib by himself. At least Ella was sawy!

Playing Sublimely said...

Hey Sarah,
Loved your thoughts on the post...quite encouraging! Thank you, thank you! Also, I see you want to learn photography. My sister decided the same thing years ago and called a local professional photographer and asked if she could come and start "shadowing" her. She said yes and now my sister has a very successful photography business :). Just some food for thought!

J said...

The crayons on the toilet are hilarious! My heart dropped before reading they were soap crayons! So fun!

And yea for y'all going to ride the pink pig. What special and precious memories you are making.